Pirate Fun for the Fun Day Kid's Zone

(Please read the following in your best pirate voice :-) )

Bothersome Buccaneers Set To Cause Mayhem in Mortimer. Arrrr!

Avast ye land lubbers, be ye warned that the 4th July be set to see the great, grand ship, The Beastly Barnacle, drop anchor near 'Treasure Island' at the Mortimer Fun Day. Arrrrr!

Come along to 'Treasure Island' and join in the pirate pranks – ye'll find us near the inflatables, up to no good I be sure! And young would be pirates, if ye dress in yer best pirate finery ye can claim yer looted lolly (until stocks be fully plundered!). Why not write out yer favourite pirate joke too and bring it along wit' ye and we'll stick it up.

On 'Treasure Island' ye can chance yer hand at 'Captain Squawks Lucky Shuffle', double yer doubloons on 'Scurvy Jacks Fruit Machine' and see if ye can pick the winnin' 'peg-leg'. And for a chance to win Captain 'Dog Gone' Dog - the meanest scourge o' the seven seas to ever set sail on Foudry Brook - then follow the clues in the Treasure Hunt!

Bring yer snivellin', hornswagglin' elders with ye if ye 'ave to but don't ye go lettin' them at the ships grog unless they wants to be fed to the fish! However, if they show willin' by donnin' their pirate clothes, they too can be havin' a looted lolly - if they haven't already be pillaged that is.

If ye want to 'ave a go at the Jolly Roger colourin' competition, print off a picture, colour it in and bring it along to 'Treasure Island'. 'Marvin the Monkey' be for five year olds and under and 'Captain Squawk' for six year olds and older. Good luck me hearties!

Shiver me timbers, tis goin' to be a Davy Jones' locker of a day!

What's Yer Pirate Name?

Use the first initial of yer first name to find yer pirate first name and yer month of birth to find yer pirate surname.

Pirate First Name:

A - Squidlips B - Dastardly Dick/Dora C - Stinkalot
D - Googly Eye E - Barnacle Bill/Bertha F - Wobbly Peg
G - Stinky Boot H - Soggy Bottom I - Stubby Nose
J - Crusty Toe K - Cheesy Beard L - Lobster Legs
M - Lootin' Lol N - Big Booty O - Ferocious Fred/Freda
P - Mad Cackle Q - Fancy Pants R - Squishy Pimple
S - Hairy Hooter T - Fish Face U - Peg Leg
V - Hook Hand W - Tuna Toe X - Scary Scar
Y - Pip Squeak Z - Nobbly Nose

 Pirate Surname:

January - O'Jellyfish February - O'Crabby March - McGrumpy
April - DePlank May - McWinky June - Van Wibblywobble
July - El Squawky August - Van Periwinkle September - DePantaloon
October - McNutty November - O'Greedy December - McStubby


Why couldn't the pirate play cards?   ................... because he was sitting on the deck!

For further information, please contact Lynn Hannawin (AKA pirate Lobster Legs O'Jellyfish) on 9332577 or lynn@i-next.co.uk