Items Being Collected or Recycled for Charity in the Village

This page aims to record where within the village you can take a variety of items that are being collected for charity. If you want your collection added please email the details to Please describe the items wanted, the charity for which it is being collected, who the contact in the village is and where the items can be left. If there is a limited period for which you are collecting this please give this information.

Items wanted Charity Contact Name Where to leave Notes

Bag2School scheme:
Clothing, paired shoes, handbags,hats, bags,scarves, ties, jewellery, lingerie, socks, belts, soft toys, household linen, curtains, towels, bedding 

Proceeds shared between the PTAs of Willink, Mortimer St. Mary's and Mortimer St. John's Schools Tracey Powell
Kerbside Collection in most roads of Mortimer:
Monday 20/03/2107
Monday 26/6/2017
Monday 16/10/2017 
All for re-use so not soiled, torn, wet
Shoes tied together or elastic band around, 
NO duvets, blankets, rugs, offcuts of fabric. school uniforms, corporate (logo) clothing
Postage stamps Amanda Walker 23 Victoria Rd Used stamps should be torn off the envelope with a small border of envelope left around them so that the stamp is not torn or spoiled. Pictorial stamps are worth more than others and high-denomination, unusual and foreign stamps are most valuable.
Plastic milk bottle tops

Naomi House (children's hospice) and

Berkshire Air Ambulance

Anne Haines Two Oaks, (bungalow at far end) Summerlug Can be left in bag on doorstep. Only milk tops, please, not juice.
Tassimo pods and the foil packaging 

Grazeley Primary School PTA

Ali Chaney
07796 291772

At Baobab (old Mortimer PO)
All the items being collected by Ali Chaney can be put in one bag and left with Rachel at the Baobab, Ali will sort.
Biscuit wrapper


Ali Chaney " The tassimo pods, trigger heads and home cleaning wipe packets, food pouches, are sent to Terracycle who condense the various materials and make items like plastic garden benches and more.
Plastic air fresheners


Ali Chaney "
Washing up bottle tops " Ali Chaney "
Plastic trigger heads off home cleaning sprays


Ali Chaney " Eg Mr Muscle Kitchen Spray
Flexible cleaning wipe packaging " Ali Chaney " But not baby wipes
Baby food pouches " Ali Chaney " Eg Ella's kitchen or similar, with caps on, please.
Used bras Ali Chaney "
Plastic milk bottle tops Air Ambulance Ali Chaney "
Postage stamps " Ali Chaney "
Foreign coins & notes " Ali Chaney " Includes obsolete currencies
Mobile phones " Ali Chaney "
Small inkjet cartridges " Ali Chaney "
Pull rings off drink cans and food cans A Philippine charity Ali Chaney "
Toothpaste tubes " Ali Chaney " Empty!
Persil washing balls Stepping Stones DS  Ali Chaney "
Coffee jar lids " Ali Chaney "
Instant coffee refill packaging " Ali Chaney "
Used ballpoint pens " Ali Chaney " Not crayons or pencils