Old Photographs of Mortimer

MVP is always very happy to show any old photos of Mortimer that you are willing to share; please contact us You can contact us here with any questions or send photos to mortimerVW@yahoo.co.uk

Local resident John Wells has kindly provided a number of old photos and postcards which you can see here. (February 2016)

John Wells has shared a further collection of old local photos which you can see here. (April 2016). 

We have a number of photographs of St John's School through the ages, taken from an album given to long-serving dinner-lady and Mortimer resident, Mrs Butler.

Mortimer St John's School 1955

Are you here? Do you have more old photographs to share?

Peter Marsh has created a website showing old postcards of Mortimer  - you can view these at www.mortimervillage.com