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Happy New Year

18 going on 19.....

As we say goodbye to 2018, some will say thank goodness... a year dominated by the dreaded "B" word but perhaps it is a comfort that whether we're in or out or still shaking it about....village life continues. The long hot summer was amazing even though it contrived, along with the England Football team, to disrupt our Fun Day a bit this year. We had an amazing busy Xmas run in, which started with a fantastic Scarecrow trail and then back to back weekend events in St Johns Hall with the Wonderful Farnham Maltings "Brilliance" and the Panto Cinderella. The start of the year, however, was less exciting as we had to get our heads around GDPR to make sure we take the greatest care over people's data. A highlight of 2018 has been the launch of our new Website and Twitter feed along with a very successful Affiliates Networking event where we met with over 25 of our 40 affiliated groups. In 2019 we shall continue to develop the Website and seek to find new ways to bring together all of the Affiliate organisations to try to make all of the disparate groups and communications channels a bit more "joined up" and easier for everyone to engage with.

As always we encourage everyone to make the most of living in Mortimer by helping, volunteering and participating in all the activities run by the MVP and so many other amazing local groups, keep a close eye on the Village calendar below...

Happy New Year to everyone.