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What a busy community we live in…. but how do we know what’s going on?

Well, as much as MVP uses social media including Facebook and Twitter and has a brand new website (Oct 2018), sometimes browsing through a newsletter with a cup of tea is a bit more digestible.

The MVP Newsletter not only reports on recent activities which you may have enjoyed and announces forthcoming MVP events, but with more than 40 affiliated clubs and associations, it provides a platform for them to share all of the exciting things that happen and to keep in contact with people across the village.

Distributed 3 times a year, free of charge, to more than 2000 homes and businesses in Mortimer and the surrounding area it’s the easiest way for everyone to keep up to date, while giving useful contact information not only for MVP but also other groups that you may be interested in joining.

Look out for the latest editions on your doorstep in February, June and October.

An archive of our newsletters is always available on the MVP website.

Volunteering Opportunity!

Delivering the newsletter is a logistical challenge that relies on many volunteers throughout the village delivering to their locality. If you would like a stroll around your neighbourhood once or twice a year, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Most routes take no more than 40 minutes.

We try to have a register of three possible volunteers for each route and rotate between them so you aren't expected to do every time. Send your contact details to if you can help.