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Appeal from West Berks Foodbank

Trussell Trust Food Banks across the UK have received approx. 8.5 tonnes of donations each month this year.  However, the demand for help is such that we are sending out over 11 tonnes each month. Also, you may have heard that we are running the Hungry Holidays scheme again for the 9th consecutive year. Schools have been asked to identify families that they feel will really struggle over the summer holiday period. A one-off delivery will then be made to the schools before the end of term to distribute to these families. Last year, we supported almost 1500 additional people across 40 West Berks schools. We have already heard from 42 schools requesting help this year. I’m sure you can imagine the impact this will have on our stock. Last year, we sent out 20 tonnes in July!

I am sending out this urgent plea for your support to enable us to meet this need as well as the regular demand for help. The only way we can do this is by the generous support of the community. Please would you consider, if you are able, buying an item or two for the Foodbank when you do your weekly shop and put it in the Foodbank basket at the supermarket or other collection points. I have attached a shopping list of items currently needed which can also be found at Donate food | West Berks Foodbank . With your help, we can ensure that no child in West Berkshire goes hungry this summer.

Sheila Moore

West Berks Foodbank

07778 992862