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Locally Produced Face Shield for Key Workers, Care Homes

Andy Hulley is leading a face shield manufacturing operation called Safer Vision; 22 schools across the area, Reading University and a number of companies make up the partnership.

The face shield has 3 components – A two piece polypropylene head band which is cut on a laser cutter and this holds a clear visor which can be interchanged. The components are washed sterilised and assembled at Safer Vision .When Safer Vision receives request the product is dispatched free of charge. All materials have been donated to the operation.

Safer Vision to date has delivered 28K face shields-including to Mortimer Surgery, Mortimer Physiotherapy and Burghfield Foot Care

 Should Key Workers, care home or organisations in our community require face shields, they can contact direct at  - they will be delivered and be free.

nurses wearing faceshields.png