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The Big Mortimer Nature Watch 25th May-9th June 2024

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The Mortimer Space for Nature group is inviting the whole community, including both schools to take part in a survey of the wildlife within the village. The Big Mortimer Nature Watch is open to anyone living or working in the village. It has two main aims:

  • To increase everyone's appreciation of the wildlife around us
  • To get a snapshot of the state of nature in the village

What does it involve?

To take part in the survey, individually or as a family, download a survey sheet from or collect one from The Baobab, or Mortimer Library before 9th June. Then simply choose a time to look for wildlife in your garden, or on a walk in or about the village, anytime from May 25th to June 9th inclusive and make a note on the survey sheets of whatever you find. We are interested in everything you find, including wildflowers, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The pictures included in the survey sheets will show just some of the things you might discover. There are many more and we would like to hear about whatever you find, and where you find it.

Where should I look?
You can do the survey in your own garden, or on a walk on any of the lanes, footpaths and common land in Mortimer. For example, you could try a walk around The Fairground, Alfred Palmer Memorial Field, Windmill Common, Brewery Common, Holdens Firs, Starvale Woods, or along the Foudry Brook footpath from St Mary's church.

What to do with the results
Once you’ve finished, please hand your survey sheet in to Mortimer Library. If the library is closed, then please post it through the letterbox.

What will happen to the data?

Volunteers from the Mortimer Space for Nature Group will collate and analyse all the information from the sheets. Any interesting facts and patterns will be reported back through the Greening Mortimer Facebook page and or here (needs amending depending on whether it’s for the Facebook or website) later in the year.

Who is organising this?
Greening Mortimer is a community group of people who live in and around Mortimer and want to do things that will raise awareness of climate change and take steps to improve the local environment. Part of this is a Space for Nature group who are trying to improve biodiversity in the village by promoting nature-friendly gardens and awareness of our local wildlife and making changes to common land. If you are interested in getting involved with Greening Mortimer and Space for Nature then please email