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Equipment Available to borrow

MVP Equipment available for Affiliated Members 2019

  1. 89 plastic folding chairs
  2. Bunting in various lengths
  3. 2 x 6 panel aluminium, double sided, pin-able display boards. These can be used as either floor standing or table top display boards or a combination of both.
  4. 8 x medium weight popup gazebos (3m x 3m) with no sides. There are also 12 well used lightweight popup gazebos. ALL GAZEBOS NEED 4 PEOPLE TO PUT UP/TAKE DOWN. PLEASE LOOK AT INSTRUCTIONS AND NEVER USE FORCE AND USE GUY ROPES
  5. 13 plastic dustbins
  6. 140 fencing pins
  7. Litter picking - 26 standard pickers, 2 long pickers, 6 hoops
  8. Approx 200m of orange barrier fencing but in rolls of various lengths
  9. Film projector, & screen  (the screen is quite large so needs a long car!)
  10. 5 x Folding tables and 2 x ‘Go-pack’ folding tables Dimensions (folded) LxWxH: 93.5x77.5x10.5cm Erected: LXWxH: 180x75x74cm
  11. Hi-Viz jackets
  12. 48 x wine glasses (these are glass so ideally indoors only)
  13. 16 x beer glasses (also glass)
  14. 6 x charity collection tins
  15. 2 x combined whiteboard/flip chart holders on stands

There are lots of plastic disposable beer glasses (1/2 pint and pint) which need using up.

To borrow and/or reserve any of the available items then please call or email Julie Carter on 0118 933 2265/07795 418646 or email Julie Carter on

Plus equipment available from other affiliated groups – thank you. Please contact the appropriate group.

Mortimer West End Village Hall Management Committee, contact Heather Sims 0118 970 0001 

Tables and chairs

Mortimer Live contact Nick Carter

Happy to promote other’s musical events on website

Mortimer Netball Club, contact Andrea Prior Williams, Vice-Chair


1st Mortimer Brownies, contact Rachel Ryan

Parachute (for children’s’ game)

South Berks Concert Band

Available as a full group (45+) or with some smaller ensembles to do musical performances at events within the village  

Save the Children Kennet Branch

Tombola drum, small urn

Mortimer Toddler Group

Loads of toys, 1 small infant chair, 3 small height tables

Santa’s of Burghfield

Available to lend out: Large‘Beer’ signage, Challenge 18 bar signage, a toilet banner, some cash tins

Available to rent: contactless payment card readers.

1st Burghfield & Sulhamstead Scouts

Various tents available for hire.