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Back To School !

We are looking forward to re-opening our breakfast and school clubs at the two Mortimer Federation Schools from Monday 6th September.  It won’t be long now before you start to see us around the village in our purple uniforms again.

‘Up the hill’, you will see us walking the children from breakfast club (Early Little Oaks), which runs from 7.30am at the Mortimer Community Centre, to Mortimer St John’s ready for the start of the school day, and at after school club (Little Oaks) which runs from the school hall until 6pm.  ‘Down the hill’, we are to be found in the dedicated Big Oaks building, and on the playing fields/hall/classrooms depending on numbers and the weather, from 7.30am for breakfast club (Early Big Oaks), and until 6.30pm for after-school club (Big Oaks). 

It has been quite a year-and-a-half for all of us with children and involved in childcare and education, and we have missed spending time with the children and our colleagues at work.  We have the most wonderful team of staff who love seeing your children having fun. If you would like to know more about The Oaks, please contact us and take a look at our website The Oaks Childcare Clubs CIC or our facebook page The Oaks CIC | Facebook .  Do also get in touch with us if you enjoy working with children, as part of a team.

We send our very best wishes to all the school children in Mortimer as they move to a new year group or start school for the first time.