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The aim of this page is to collect information about all local recycling opportunities, whether just good ways of disposing of things locally or where a group is collecting something to raise funds. Please use the Contact Us form to send us details of any recycling opportunities you know about which aren't listed.

If you further want to 'do your bit', please download this free list of homemade environmentally-friendly cleaning recipes, kindly compiled by Lynn Hannawin, the Parish Clerk.  This contains great ideas for reducing your plastic waste, and in most cases works out far cheaper than shop-bought alternatives.  

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What is being recycled


Where is it collected


Supports Fund Raising ?


Ali’s recycling collects a huge range of packaging and used items – see Ali's Recycling List for a full list


There are bins for Ali’s recycling outside the Methodist church


Grazeley School


Used pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, tippex bottles - any brand

Outside St John’s School

St John’s School

Milk bottle tops

Anne Haines, Two Oaks, Summerlug

Air Ambulance

Used batteries

Dad’s Shop


Flexible plastics see

Sainsbury’s (Tadley or Calcot)