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The aim of this page is to collect information about all local recycling opportunities, whether just good ways of disposing of things locally or where a group is collecting something to raise funds. Please use the Contact Us form to send us details of any recycling opportunities you know about which aren't listed.

Recycling for Fund Raising


Reading Deaf Children's Society

St. John's Infant School






1st Ufton Nervet Scout Group 



Grazeley School










Air Ambulance 

What Collecting?

Ink cartridges

Used pens, felt tips, highlighters, markers, tippex bottles - any brand
Toothpaste tubes with caps, toothbrushes (including electric), toothpaste cartons, floss containers
Pet food pouches, dry pet food bags, pet dental chew wrappers


Used postage stamps, empty ink cartridges, plastic milk bottle and fizzy drink tops


Tassimo pods, L'Or capsules, Kenco refill packs and coffee jar lids
Any brand crisps packets including multipack wrappers, Pringles tubes
Any brand baby food or yoghurt pouches (lids  on)
Home cleaning spray rigger heads, washing up bottle caps, floor or antibacterial wipe packets, any bran plastic air freshener including cartridges
Plastic roll-on deodorants, caps, pumps and trigger sprays from personal care and beauty products,face wipe packets


Milk bottle tops

How to Give?

Dad's Shop

Pens can be left at school or at Boabab


Tooth things can be left at School or Oak Tree Dentist

Pet food pouches can be left at school or Pristine Pups


Cathryn Knight 07793196863


All together at Baobab










Anne Haines, Two Oaks, (bungalow at far end) Summerlug



Plastic bags (any clean plastic bag material including bubble wrap)

Brita water filter cartridges
Fluorescent tubes


Mortimer Library or Dad's Shop

Bin opposite checkout in Sainsbury's Tadley 

Dad's Shop