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Become a Diarist

We would like as many people as possible to contribute to this shared diary. Young and old alike should be contributing, individuals and businesses will also have different perspectives, everyone has an experience to record. Remember, this is not social media, this is a living historical record. You're not doing this for likes, vanity or comment, you're just recording what happened in your life during Covid-19 lockdown. All you need is an account.

Getting an Account

Use the contact us form on this site with the subject 'Diary Account' and we'll take you through the process. We are happy for under 18's to have their own accounts, but they must be requested by an adult who will be responsible for the use of the account

Creating Entries

Once you have an account creating and managing diary entries is really easy. You can even create a link which shows only your entries to create your own personal diary of this historic period.

We've created a playlist of videos to show you how easy it is and to help you create your content.