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Why Create a Village Diary

We are living through a dramatic chapter in human history. Never before has the UK been in lockdown and certainly never in unison with so many countries around the globe. Many people will study this period in the years to come to learn how Governments can respond to such challenges and how the big issues can be addressed. Many others will be more interested in how ordinary people coped with such measures and how it affected everyday life across the country.

MVP wants to help those future historians with a living diary of how the people of Mortimer coped. We are inviting local people to participate in this village diary. We will give you an online account where you can post daily entries straight into the site. This isn't social media, there is no response, no likes, no smiles, no frowns or no emojis, it is just a place for people to write about their daily experiences and allow it to be shared with the rest of us as we live through it. It will give those being driven mad by isolation something to contribute to and also something to read.

If you want an account to start just contact us.