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You have a New Diary Event

Submitted by Chillax on 23 April 2020

Today I looked at my Smart phone with excitement. Like most people I keep my diary appointments on my phone’s calendar rather than in a paper diary and notwithstanding these village diaries, which incidentally are probably better defined as “blogs”, I don’t keep a diary of what I’ve done in my day.

So over recent weeks it has been somewhat gloomy to see the empty calendar which only served to re-emphasise the fact that there are no drinks with friends planned, no cinema trips, no meals out with family.....empty.

Imagine my joy this morning when I woke to see a “new event” notification on my phone...hastily clicking to the event......I see that today....... oh it’s St George’s Day. Well I’m not sure what I was expecting and in a funny way, anything that differentiates today from yesterday, or tomorrow is welcome.

Today I shall be sure to wish everyone I speak to, a “Happy St George’s Day”, something I doubt I’ve ever done before..... or probably never again!