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Split Lockdown

Submitted by FusionFan on 12 April 2020

When the lockdown was announced, our eldest daughter decided she wanted to be locked down with her boyfriend. That meant them choosing between lockdown with us, here, or with his parents at their house thirty miles away. She was very logical about it, figuring that if she chose here there'd be six in our house and only three in theirs whereas the other way around it would be more balanced with four and five respectively.

John McClane was a picture question although one team (golf fans) almost answered John Mcilroy

So that meant a trip for her on the first day of lockdown and now 3 weeks of separation from her family. She's the one with the travel bug and so has spent extended periods away from us before, which means she fully equipped to cope. The technology has helped a lot, however.

Last night she organised an inter-family quiz which we did via Zoom. It was pretty impressive as she supplemented plain questions with a picture round, a music round and a video observation round. We'd never have done that without lockdown.

Next week she's going to join us for a family meal via Zoom. Where there's a will ...