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Scarecrow Trail 2020

sct2020-poster.jpgWelcome to the MVP Scarecrow Trail 2020. As you know we are doing things a little different with Maps being on sale online via this website and also at Spratleys Garage from Monday 19th October during opening hours. As usual donation is £1 and if you plan to get a map from Spratley’s Garage you will need a £1 coin.




The Health and Safety of our community has been at the forefront of our minds as we planned this years event and have been delighted by the level of support we have received, both by the wonderful Scarecrow makers and positive messages via Facebook. It's great to feel we are doing something normal after such a challenging year.

This year the event is intentionally a little smaller and consolidated in the heart of the village. This means it won’t take too long to complete and thus our “Trailers” will not need to use Toilets (which we cannot provide this year) or too much in the way of refreshments.

We are asking everyone to avoid Budgens Supermarket as much as possible and certainly if you need to go in, to respect the 1 person only rule from each family group. It is critical that the residents of Mortimer feel safe to continue their shopping. For the avoidance of doubt MAPS ARE NOT ON SALE IN BUDGENS AND THERE IS NO SCARECROW THERE THIS YEAR.

On your map you will see a number of guidelines to keep everyone safe. May we ask you to read these before commencing the trail. The key message is to comply with Government Social Distancing Rules which include the following:

  • The rule of 6 (No more than 6 people should be together during the walk. If you have a large party, please split into 2 groups and keep apart.
  • 2m Social Distancing. Please keep at least 2m from any other group. If you see a lot of people looking at 1 scarecrow, please hold back or come back later.
  • Use Anti Bacterial hand gel and please do not touch the Scarecrows or any adjacent fences or gates for your safety and the safety of the Scarecrow Host.

Finally, Lets have fun, lets enjoy the Scarecrows and keep safe.

Virtual Trail 

If you are unable to visit the trail in person then you can still participate by visiting the virtual trail using the menu link or visiting this page.


You can vote using the form in the menu.