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Mortimer is Closed - for Now

Submitted by batdan on 7 April 2020

It's really quiet everywhere in Mortimer. I see hardly anyone when I go for my daily exercise walk.

Given all the children are home and the weather has been amazingly good, I am surprised I don't hear more noise of children playing in gardens. They are certainly staying away from the closed playgrounds:

We must look forward to supporting the temporarily shut businesses when they can reopen....

Oaktree Dental Surgery
Loon Tin - In fact this is 7th April and they haven't been able to open yet although I know they hope to be donating some chicken and chips for MVP Lunch Club members next week
No welcoming tables and chairs for that lovely coffee and chat

The businesses that can stay open are having to find ways of making it work with the restrictions...

An indicator of the seriousness of the epidemic: closed churches...
... and Mortimer's dear Little Library