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Only time for 2 jobs a day.

Submitted by Chillax on 19 April 2020

It’s strange how time seems to be so fluid, changing from the time when we used to think we were cash rich and time poor to now, where many of us are time rich and unfortunately for lots of people, cash poor. I used to plan my day around 1/2 hour blocks of time with each activity being allocated a number of blocks..... so as an example; a shopping trip to Reading was 1 block to get there, 2 blocks to buy what I needed and then 1 block to get home, 2 hours in total.Sometimes adding a couple of blocks for some lunch. In this way a day from 8am till 6pm had 20 blocks in which to allocate tasks... are you following me? I think I saw this in the film “About a Boy” with Hugh Grant where he used blocks of 1 hour...being much lazier than me ...ha ha.

Now with fewer tasks and more time, I find time has shifted. I have now realised that very little should be started before 10am (unless it’s the coffee machine) and equally if you’ve not started a job by 3pm, then frankly it’s too late and you need to reschedule for tomorrow.

My 20 blocks of time have seemingly shrunk down to a mere 2, morning and afternoon, thus it is now clearly impossible to do more than 2 jobs in a day.....and quite frankly that feels like a busy day!
I suspect this is the reason that most retired people say they are so busy and don’t know how they found time to go to work....... makes us wonder how we will restart ourselves once this has finally gone away? Although now I think about, since I’m retired...I don’t need to.