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First diary.....

Submitted by Chillax on 7 April 2020

I have never kept a diary, in fact, I'm not a really a book person either... back in the day I blagged my Senior School English exams by reading only the Exam Revision Guide. The family joke is that I have only ever read one book; it's not true, but nearly. By the way that book was "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett about 20 years ago, a gripping read. Now I think about it, I read the follow up too "World Without End", so that has crushed the family joke straight away.

So it is strange that a time when we are all doing nothing, going nowhere and seeing no-one should be a time when I suddenly engage in the written word. I've just about had my fill of Social media (anti-social) and like most people, am getting way too much screen time. I've gone from someone who thought Freeview was more TV than man could ever need, to now subscribing to Amazon Prime and Netflix.... but that is beginning to lose its appeal. I’ve already painted everything to within an inch of its life so I need to find new ways to fill the hours. My wife has suggested she rekindle her Kindle (can you do that?).

I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s diary entries, there is something comforting in reading that everyone else is feeling the same...... so maybe now is the time to start my “3rd” book, let’s see how that goes.