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It's all annoying

Submitted by Freddie-13 on 11 April 2020

 When the coronavirus became global, I spent much of my time with my friends, working out how close we were to closing the schools. We’d compare the number of people known to be infected in England in comparison to the number in Italy.   Every time Boris Johnson did a live speech, my friends and I would watch it, just to see if schools were going to close. When he did announce it, I was talking to a few of my friends on the Xbox and we were all so happy! But now I feel like going back to school might be better (much less boring). You get to see all your friends and chat, but at home you're stuck with 15 massive bits of work a week and no friends. At the start of the schools closing, I thought that if I did all my work in the first 2 days it would be ok... but having no work is even more boring.  At this moment in time if COVID-19 hadn’t happened, I would be on my school football trip to Paris, training with PSG for a school trip. I’m the most annoyed about that. 

The first week was definitely the best week so far.  This was mostly because my brother and I could go on the Xbox, but now my dad’s working in the same room.  He gets really annoyed with the same sound over and over again. So I can only get away with a quick game of Fifa every few days. 

At the start, my family was doing Joe Wicks PE session every day, but we haven’t done that in a while.  We have to go on a dog walk every day though which is starting to get really annoying. As the weeks go on they’ve been getting worse and worse so I hope it doesn’t last that long, every Thursday night at 8pm we all go clap for the NHS I’ve started to use to pans from the kitchen,  I smash them together .. that’s quite fun, one of my friends could hear me from another road in the village.

A few days ago I bought a safe butterfly knife.  I’m hoping it will keep me busy for a bit as there are loads of tricks you can learn.  We’ve also got my sister’s birthday soon which will have to be indoors, at home, with none of her friends.  That would be very annoying. One of the best parts of this was getting a new kitten. He was a surprise from Mum and Dad. We now spend most of our days trying to keep our dog from eating the cat. Some day they’ll be best friends (hopefully). 

My brother and I persuaded my Mum to get the paddling pool out but it’s still too cold which is annoying as now it has dirt and insects in the water.  On one of the days I jumped over our wall and took a walk down Victoria Road, no one in my family had noticed even though I had been gone for over 15 minutes.  On one of the days, my goal is to try and watch a random Netflix series in one day, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and tv. My brother and sister are starting to drive me mad and it’s only been 3 weeks. Although it’s nice here, I’d love to go isolate at my grandparents house mostly because of their pool. I hope it all gets better!