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Virtual Yoga

Submitted by FusionFan on 1 April 2020
NOT Lynn or Me!

Just before all of this kicked off, Lynn and I started a Wednesday evening Yoga class at St. John's School. We both really enjoy it, and so it was a taste of disappointment to come when the classes couldn't continue.

However, Elaine, our resourceful Yoga teacher, ran a quick trial of Yoga via Zoom, and now runs the class regularly using it. We've now had three weeks of it and it is very enjoyable.

We use a small Android tablet plugged in to the TV and a bluetooth conference speaker/microphone. The quality is pretty good and the one hour session is comparable to a full session at the school!

One of the advantages of this method of class delivery is that we have two screens to look at, the tablet on the floor and the TV at usual height. This makes it easier to see where we're going wrong.

Life continues in lockdown.