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Exercise is good for you?!?!?

Submitted by The Happy Hermit on 7 April 2020

As a chronic asthmatic, I've found over the years that regular exercise has helped my lung function. In my youth, I was a keen county swimmer, 100m sprinter and singles tennis player. As the years have progressed, I've taken to exercising a few times a week in the form of running on a treadmill and playing doubles tennis. Although, those who have witnessed my tennis performance of recent times would probably argue that there is not much exercise taking place, and that my game is more reminiscent of a musical statues....but without the music interlude.

Over the past few weeks, I've really missed having a run around. I started doing an hours walk around Mortimer but as the weather has got nicer, more people have started coming out and the pavements are not wide enough for all of us - which has generally meant I end up giving way to families and dogs by walking on the road - and with the speed that a lot of cars drive around the village, I figured if Coronavirus didn't get me, a vehicle probably would.

So, I decided to look up online exercise classes. I really want to "do" Joe Wicks at 9am every morning (that's another story in itself ;) ) - but have instead signed up to Davina McColls 30 days free trial to get fit. I do consider myself relatively fit but couldn't move for 2 days after my first 30mins session - which involved lunges, squats and bicep curls....I'm now 3 sessions in and was feeling much better....until today.

Today's 30mins was an aerobics class. Now, for those of you who know me....aerobics is definitely not my thing. I have not attended a class since the early 90s due to my lack of co-ordination. However, in the name of my health, I dug out my pink leotard, leg warmers and sweat bands. I shut all the curtains, to save my neighbours from witnessing my moves and started with my stretches and warm up. Then came the routine....I seemed to always be at least 3 moves behind Davina until the 3rd repetition when I finally found my mojo - my flicks and kicks were akin to strictly contestants, my arms were were rotating like a windmill in Amsterdam....I had confidence grew and I got more enthusiastic. And hand took out an overhead light fitting and my shin landed on the corner of my coffee table - at the same time - it turns out I'm more co-ordinated than I thought.