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Birthday during lockdown

Submitted by MPageRIBA on 19 April 2020

Having a birthday during the shutdown

I'm sure that all will agree that having a birthday is something one should find an enjoyable experience. In normal years this may mean a drink out with friends, a meal with the family or even, should the year be significant, a larger party under a marquee. However, during the shutdown, one is restricted physically to only be with the people in the same household. I'm lucky in that I am not having to be "Shielded" and at least I can go for a walk. My other options; to make verbal and, or visual contact is now possible. Access to social media is also a great boon. When it comes to presents, well that will depend on when the date of the birthday is and how long after when the shut down started. I am lucky, my family were able to purchase gifts prior to the shutdown. Otherwise they would have had to think of appropriate gifts that they can order on line and have directed and delivered to my home. Whatever happens in the next few weeks of the shutdown, I think for me, that this year's birthday will be remembered differently, and perhaps even more valued than before.