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Scarecrow Trail 2018 - The Winners!

St. Mary's PTA and MVP are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Scarecrow Trail

Adults Favourite Scarecrow

1st Prize - Peter Pan - Derrett Family 
2nd Prize - Dobby - Rogers Family 
3rd Prize - Cruella de Vil - Sam Bedward - Broome

Children's Favourite Scarecrow

1st Prize - Super Mario - The Lambert Family 
2nd Prize - Spiderman + Venom - Lambourne Family
3rd Prize - Chase - Paw Patrol - The Webster Family

Funniest Scarecrow

1st Prize - Margaret Thatcher - The Hannawin Family
2nd Prize - Jaws - Clean And Easy Window Cleaning 
3rd Prize - Supertato - The Vidal Family

Trail Competition - Richard Sherman

Well done everyone!