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A Bolt in the Neck - Review

We had an absolute blast watching the Gonzo Moose production, Is that a Bolt in Your Neck, last Sunday evening.  Billed as a comedy horror it could also be described as a love story like you've never seen before.  The action was non-stop and the audience engaged and laughing from the start.

The staging was very clever and I lost count of how many characters the 3 actors played.  My personal favourites were the gargoyles doing their 'angry face'.  I'm also sure the 'vicar' must have attended a parish council meeting or two!  And a celeb in the audience was an unexpected bonus.

We're incredibly lucky to get such a professional and entertaining production brought to our village, thank you to everyone involved in making it happen both beforehand and on the night.  It certainly was a treat (with a few tricks thrown in) and left us wanting more.