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Mountain Music, St John’s Hall, Mortimer – 30th September

Mountain Music brought to you by Little Bulb Theatre played to a packed and appreciative St John's Hall last Saturday.

Mountain Music playing

If you want a comprehensive history of the development of American Country music with its English/Irish/Scottish/Scandinavian and Celtic roots then Little Bulb have produced a delicious first course to set you on your way.

On Saturday night a cast of six multi-instrumentalists provided an evening which encompassed old and familiar folk songs, charted their progress into the Smoky Mountain Appalachians and their ‘rediscovery’ by Alan Lomax. Acting as narrator and band member ‘Alan’ then took us on a roller coaster ride through time. Wonderfully fleshed out with music from harp, double bass, guitars and banjos, each cast member switching instruments with apparent ease. The vocal parts switched from Irish ballad to Hoedown and back again with great versatility.

In a second half, we celebrated a night of Grand Ole Opry Allstars, the audience were treated to a Country and Western Singalong with cast members reminding us of Hank William’s Cheating Heart and that Dolly Parton ‘Will Always Love You’ and many more. We left the hall with tunes old and new in our heads, connecting threads from Folk to Skiffle to Blues to Jazz to Rock and Roll on to R’n’B and whatever emerges from the ever-changing kaleidoscope of sound next.

All in all, a very entertaining and informative evening.

Andy Wilkin

The concert was spectacular. The female singer was so talented playing musical instruments with a beautiful voice. The journey of Celtic folk music over the 300 years from UK, Ireland, Europe and America. The story of Country music was narrated and sang in a foot tapping way. Also appearing the late Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and still living Dolly Parton! Thank you Mortimer Village Partnership for arranging this show.

Sandra Waller