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1st Burghfield & Sulhamstead Scouts go International

After a successful International Scout Camp in Norway in 2015, 1st Burghfield & Sulhamstead Scout Group set their sights on Denmark for summer 2018.  A rather epic coach journey found 34 Scouts and Explorers plus 7 leaders at the International Camp known as Houens Odde Spejdercenter on Saturday 4th August.  After a somewhat later arrival than anticipated, we set up camp in record time and sat down to a late meal of Spaghetti Bolognaise. 


During the week, the Scouts made their own dining tables and benches from pioneering poles and ropes, built rafts, went canoeing and cycling and tried their hand at archery and axe throwing.  The local culture was experience by a trip to Kolding Castle and museum, an afternoon on the local beach with BBQ and of course, not to be missed, a trip to the original Legoland!

We also met lots of Scouts from different countries, Sweden, Germany, Catalonia, Mexico and of course the local Danes who introduced us to the national sport of Pind Pind (pronounced pin pin). 

After a fun filled hectic week, our last night was an international campfire with songs and yells from around the world – although a ban on fires (due to the very dry weather) meant it was up to us to use our imagination!  Another successful international camp so our thoughts now turn to where shall we go in 2021?

If you are interested in joining our leadership team or registering your son /daughter to join the Group, please email Andy on