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The MVP Village Spring Clean 2019

Once again, the people of Mortimer demonstrated their love for the village by grabbing rubbish sacks and litter pickers, and set about cleaning up many of the streets and green spaces.

Thank you to the local groups who helped, especially the Brownies who said a very clear “NO” to dropping litter and did an amazing job all around the Fairground.

litterpick 2019.jpg

Mortimer Cricket Club helped with a lot of heavy lifting, retrieving discarded tyres, washing machine parts and all sorts of things from some of our woodland footpaths. Not to be outdone by the clubs, many families with pushchairs and young children joined our senior citizens, and everyone in between, to scour the village and bag up used coke bottles, beer cans, sweet wrappers, car parts, bagged dog poo…  the list goes on.

Debbie Bale from St John's School was on hand to sign up people for their Eco-Warriors scheme which aims to have people “adopt” their street and do a litter pick once a month for the next 12 months…. Good Luck St John’s, a great initiative.

A big plea from all of those who spent time litter picking on Saturday (and especially from the Brownies)….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not litter our streets and green spaces.  Either take your rubbish home and deposit it in your dustbin or use the public waste bins where provided.