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MVP Lunch Club Celebrates 10th Birthday!

As MVP Lunch Club has been running for ten years now, volunteers and guests thought this was a perfect opportunity for a party.

See us singing...

Happy Birthday!

Supported by Wokefield Estate (who donated the birthday cake) and Budgens, 28 lunch guests and ten volunteers celebrated ten years and many, many bowls of soup. Looking back at our ten years we remembered trips out on the river, garden centres and wildlife parks, seaside and fish and chips. We remember past friends and rejoiced at the friendships we have all made - guests and volunteers alike. We are all so very thankful for all the support Lunch Club has (and continues to get) from our local community, both individuals and business; for all our volunteers who give their time each month, for the companies such as The Elm Tree, Budgens and Wokefield Estate that give practical year round support,  to the donations of time and services when we are in need from supporters such as DJ  Travel and TK Travel. And last but certainly not least to the wonderful staff of St John's School that bring the children to chat, read and sing to our lunch guests. Happy Birthday Lunch Club.


lunchclub10 rot.JPG