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Silver Sunday 2019

Silver Sunday in Mortimer has become a much anticipated annual event. Although a tried and tested formula things can sometimes go a little awry, which does add spice and gives us all a chuckle in the end. This year's event will be talked about for some time to come.

We might have got an inkling of things to come when we found the time slot had been doubled booked!  However the lovely ballet teacher offered to move so we could organise our lunch. As usual Silver Sunday is supported by DeVere Estates who provide us with the main meal. We were just about to serve this food when the lights went out - no power and 30 for lunch. But all our guests and volunteers took it in their stride and we had lunch by candlelight instead. Custard was rushed home to be heated so dessert was saved. The only thing that was missing was a cup of tea which was sadly beyond our abilities to improvise.

Sadly we could not enjoy the Brian Bicknell’s music with no power but there was an opportunity to test everyone’s brain power with quizzes, a parlour game and of course the raffle. Our tables looked splendid with floral arrangements donated by the kind people at Thrive and these were raffled off along with a table full of goodies. And as with all timings -  just as we all got up to go home - the power came back on!  

As always it’s with grateful thanks to the volunteers and organisations that support Lunch Club - DeVere Estates, Budgens, The Elm Tree, D J Travel, Thrive and most of all our wonderful volunteers who freely give their time throughout the year.  Special thanks this year must go to Adrian who valiantly tried everything to get the power back on for our event only to discover it was a wider problem than just the community centre. 

All photos thanks to Sue Totham.

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