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MVP Affiliates Networking Fair Success

MVP were very pleased to have representatives of 26 affiliated organisation come to the Affiliates Networking Fair yesterday, Saturday 10th November 2018. St. John's Hall was packed with displays of what the groups do. Doug Overett, MVP's vice-chairman, explained that the purpose of the morning was help affiliates get the best out of MVP and their membership. This included making good use of all the avenues MVP provides to get in touch and keep in touch with the public (especially younger people they may not be in touch with) but also by making sure they talk to other groups and look for ways of helping each other.

Many of the ways in which MVP can help come from the new MVP website. Doug and John Hannawin, the website's designer, explained the features that have been built in which make communicating with the public very much easier. In particular Doug encouraged those present who don't use Twitter (the vast majority) to sign up for a Twitter account and just follow @VillageMortimer. They would then receive the automatic daily tweets from the calendar telling them of everything happening in the village that day with reminder an hour before each event.  John also explained how  a dedicated page can be provided on the website for those organisations who do not have their own website and how the MVP site is able to host other websites. 

In between the short presentations lots of very animated conversations happened between all the different group representatives  - it was a very lively and productive meeting. Several groups reported successful outcomes from their cross-group chats, for example Burghfield Camera Club is going to do some publicity shots for Bel Canto.

Whether you were at the meeting or not please feel free to access the short presentation notes.



Have subsequently received some more photos courtesy of one of the affiliates - Burghfield Camera Club: