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Helpline - Important Updates

The MVP helpline for the village has been operating for over three weeks now. After a rapidly changing, chaotic environment initially, we have adapted and now see a bit more structure and stability emerging. We are connected to lots of other groups from Council services to the NHS. In working in this wider network we are sharing best practice on handling the types of requests we are all seeing and two important updates have emerged.


We are seeing more requests for information on foodbanks as the economic impact of this crisis hit home. In Mortimer you can call the helpline for advice, or call one of our local three foodbanks directly:

NHS Shielding Food Parcels

If you have been requested to shield yourself by a healthcare or other official body, you will have been able to benefit from booking priority delivery spots from food retailers as well as receiving free food parcels delivered to your door.

These are national initiatives and are not means-tested. Some recipients who don't need the food parcels but welcome the delivery slots have tried to cancel just the parcel. Although this seems to be possible on the online system please don't do it. All of the groups we work with have had wide reports of the delivery slots being cancelled along with the parcels.

If you have a free food parcel that you don't need, call the helpline and we will have it picked up and either recycled through Budgens or donated to a local family in need.