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We are a small local charity based in Stratfield Mortimer and our aim as a charity is to help residents of the parish who may be in need of extra support. We do this by using the rent we receive from the Fairground to make donations to local organisations that provide help to those in need.

The Stratfield Mortimer Fairground Charity owns the Fairground, which is to be used as a public recreation ground and events space for the village. The Parish Council lease the Fairground from the Charity, and do an excellent job of operating it in accordance with this purpose, managing and enhancing this valuable facility for the benefit of all.

The modest rent received by the Charity from leasing the Fairground is used to make grants to a number of local bodies whose work supports those residents of Stratfield Mortimer who might need a little extra help. If you are involved with a local group or charity that offers support or help to residents of Mortimer and are seeking additional funding please get in touch with us providing information about your organisation and what you would wish to do with a small grant to support those in need. Recent donations made by the Trustees include to Mortimer School for extra educational events, Together in Mission, who support the elderly and vulnerable through things like befriending and children through the Willink School pastor service, and the Clarke Educational Foundation who provide funding support to students from the Parish.

Contact information:

Gemma Matthews, Secretary