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Full Diary

  • Mortimer is Closed - for Now

    Submitted by batdan on 7 April 2020

    It's really quiet everywhere in Mortimer. I see hardly anyone when I go for my daily exercise walk.

    Given all the children are home and the weather has been amazingly good, I am surprised I don't hear more noise of children playing in gardens. They are certainly staying away from the closed playgrounds:

  • Exercise is good for you?!?!?

    Submitted by The Happy Hermit on 7 April 2020

    As a chronic asthmatic, I've found over the years that regular exercise has helped my lung function. In my youth, I was a keen county swimmer, 100m sprinter and singles tennis player. As the years have progressed, I've taken to exercising a few times a week in the form of running on a treadmill and playing doubles tennis. Although, those who have witnessed my tennis performance of recent times would probably argue that there is not much exercise taking place, and that my game is more reminiscent of a musical statues....but without the music interlude.

  • "Boris Box"

    Submitted by DiaristNumberOne on 7 April 2020

    If you are a government registered extremely vulnerable person you are sent a box of emergency supplies. This box contains:

  • Call the Doctor!

    Submitted by DiaristNumberOne on 7 April 2020

    I need an antibiotic for something. No problem, called Mortimer surgery and they're sending me the prescription over to my house later today. I feel like a Queen, waited on. Our local NHS service is excellent. Mortimer is lucky.

  • time Changes

    Submitted by batdan on 7 April 2020

    Time Changes

    Lots of people are struggling to find time to work from home, keep children amused and educated and care for elderly relatives at a distance. I’m in my mid-sixties and no longer have a job, children at home or elderly relatives. My time is usually dominated by looking after grandchildren and various local activities. None of that is now happening. Which leaves me with perhaps too much time to think!

  • Caring for Aging Parents

    Submitted by FusionFan on 6 April 2020

    I'm the primary, family, carer for my mother. She's 91 with COPD and mild dementia but still manages to live independently about 20 miles away in Farnborough. This is only possible with the excellent support we get from Hampshire Social Services ( both direct and indirectly via third-party providers) and a heap of technology including 2 voice assistants (Echo), 1 video assistant (Echo Show), multiple cameras (Blink), heating control, entry system, automatic drug dispenser and a 24-hour emergency call service (Argento).

  • The Real Life Bridget Jones (of Mortimer)

    Submitted by The Happy Hermit on 6 April 2020

    I'm currently sat at home, about to enter into week 3 of lockdown. I'm in my 40's (which is not middle-aged for those who think it is). I'm in the "vulnerable" category due to my chronic asthma, which means I have not left the house properly since shortly before lockdown. I am an eternal singleton (not through lack of trying but Mr Darcy just hasn't knocked on my door yet) and am locked up on my own.

  • Dog Walking in Lockdown

    Submitted by FusionFan on 3 April 2020

    There are many ways to meet people in a village. Owning a dog and taking it for local walks is one of the oldest and best. We are lucky in Mortimer to have so many woodland and open areas that we can take a dog for a long walk. Since the lock-down, however, there has been a distinct change to the way dog walkers behave whilst out with their dogs.

  • The Samuel Pepys of Mortimer?

    Submitted by DiaristNumberOne on 4 April 2020

    Chosen by committee (or desperation?) to begin logging the daily goings on of regular Mortonians during global death pandemic, the regular people decided not to do it so I was asked instead.

    I’m a new recipient of a transplanted organ, I’m immunosuppressed and I’m in my early 40s. Female. Black or blonde hair, depending on how long I’m going to be incarcerated. Full time employed, working from home easily, by the power of the electric interweb, living with my (first) husband and my pussy cats. No kids, never liked them.

  • Virtual Yoga

    Submitted by FusionFan on 1 April 2020
    NOT Lynn or Me!

    Just before all of this kicked off, Lynn and I started a Wednesday evening Yoga class at St. John's School.